Chloroquine inhibits autophagy in mice

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    Chloroquine inhibits autophagy in mice

    Phone: (215) 746-5515; Fax: (215) 746-5511; E-mail: [email protected] in: JCI | Pub Med | Google Scholar Cancer Research Institute, University of California San Francisco Comprehensive Cancer Center, San Francisco, California, USA. Thompson, Department of Cancer Biology, Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute, 421 Curie Boulevard, 450 BRB II/III, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, USA. Chloroquine is a lysosomotropic agent that prevents endosomal acidification [1].

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    Chloroquine CQ, a known autophagy inhibitor, disrupts lysosomal function by increasing lysosomal pH, thereby causing acidification, which, in turn, inhibits autophagy. The lung cancer cells were pretreated with CQ to determine whether AZD9291 induced an autophagic flux. Autophagy is a key pathway in the development of endocrine resistance in breast cancer, and targeting autophagy can reverse antiestrogen resistance. Chloroquine, an antimalarial drug, inhibits autophagy by preventing degradation of autolysosomes. In mice with breast cancer cell xenografts, treatment with vitamin D in combination with chloroquine which inhibits autophagosome degradation substantially decreased the size of the xenograft. In VDR-deficient mice, autophagy was induced to an even greater extent than that induced by 1,25OH 2D 3 in wild-type mice.

    This accumulation leads to inhibition of lysosomal enzymes that require an acidic p H, and prevents fusion of endosomes and lysosomes. TLR7/8-Mediated Activation of Human NK Cells Results in Accessory Cell-Dependent IFN- Production. It accumulates inside the acidic parts of the cell, including endosomes and lysosomes.

    Chloroquine inhibits autophagy in mice

    Inhibition of autophagy in the heart induces age-related., Chloroquine Inhibits Autophagy to Potentiate Antiestrogen.

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  3. Bafilomycin A1 and chloroquine are commonly used compounds that inhibit autophagy by targeting the lysosomes but through distinct mechanisms. Since it is now clear that mitochondrial quality control, particularly in neurons, is dependent on autophagy, it is important to determine whether these compounds modify cellular bioenergetics.

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    Treatment of cells with the macrolide antibiotic bafilomycin A1, an inhibitor of vacuolar V-ATPase, or with the lysosomotropic agent chloroquine, has been shown to pharmacologically inhibit autophagy as evidenced by an accumulation of autophagosomes, which in turn causes Bax-dependent apoptosis. However, bafilomycin A1 has also been reported to inhibit chloroquine-induced apoptosis. Moreover, small molecule inhibitors targeting the autophagy pathway are not likely to be capable of irreversible, complete target inhibition, as is the case of genetic deletion of an ATG. Second, human cancer cell lines can be unaffected by autophagy suppression e.g. Maycotte et al. 2014; Mandelbaum et al. 2015. Chloroquine inhibits autophagy by blocking acidification of the lysosome, preventing fusion with the autophagosome. In a stressed cell, dependent on autophagy, this last step when blocked results in increased generation of autophagosomes, eventually undergoing either apoptotic or necrotic cell death.

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    Expanded spectral domain-OCT findings in the early. Thirty eyes with HCQ retinopathy were followed with SD-OCT after drug cessation. Findings before disruption of the parafoveal EZ included parafoveal outer nuclear layer ONL thinning, disruption of the parafoveal interdigitation zone, and reduced reflectivity of the parafoveal EZ.

    Recommendations on Screening for Chloroquine and.