Nexium tires

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    Nexium tires

    Nexen, Korea's first tire company, was established in 1942 and produced its first car tires in 1956. The company's forward-looking philosophy inspired the name Nexen, which was created by combining two future-oriented words – next and century. Whether you drive a car, a truck, or an SUV, Nexen tires offer great performance and safety features at an affordable price. Nexen’s comprehensive warranty protects your tires in four different ways: Get reliable all-season traction, strong handling, and a quiet, comfortable ride – all at a great value price. Roadside Assistance Program offers free on-the-spot tire changes for three years. Nexen Total Coverage Warranty now includes a Road Hazard Replacement Program that replaces a tire if damaged under normal wear for two years. Starting at This high-performance touring tire delivers long-lasting handling and traction, plus a smooth, quiet ride. I tow all the time usually with less than ideal conditions. If your on the fence to buy I say it's worth the try for the price. The headline says it all - for an all-terrain tire, it performs well on dry or wet roads, and the tread pattern is ideal for snow/mud/dirt with large lugs as well as sidewall lugs for the ultimate in traction. They have awesome tread depth new and wear great even for heavy duty use. I purchased originally based on reviews and the results speak for themselves. I was surprised to find an OEM tire size for my Yukon with these traits and couldn't be happier. Looking forward to putting the tire through it's paces in the Northeast Pennsylvania snow this winter! Tires are quiet on the road as well, which was surprising to me for an all-terrain tire, and comfort is fine. Looking forward to seeing how many miles I can get out of them! Don't wait - if you're considering this tire, get it and save money without compromising anything. I bought these tires 3 to 4 years ago and just bought them again today for my 08 Silverado. My son has bought the same tires twice for his SS Trailblazer and obviously loves them as I do. After mulling over several options for new tires for my vehicle, I opted for the Nexens.

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    Nexen Tires sell the popular nexen n5000 and nexen n3000 tires. This tire maker has grown in popularity especially with their appearance on drift racing circuits. Nexen Tire offers a wide variety of tires and sizes to fit your vehicle and needs. Have peace of mind with the Nexen Tire Total Coverage Warranty and know that. Apr 6, 2018. NEXEN is no longer an industry secret. The word is out on us and here are just a few reasons why.

    This limited warranty only applies to the original purchaser of new replacement tires manufactured by NEXEN TIRE, and has been used on the same vehicle that it was originally installed on. ) is a tire manufacturer headquartered in Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province and Seoul in South Korea. Established in 1942 under the name, Heung-A Tire Company, Nexen Tire Co. In 1985, Nexen dedicated a facility in Yangsan, Korea, to the production of radial tires. The company changed their name in 2000 from Woosung Tire to Nexen Tire Corporation. That same year also saw Nexen Tire listed on the KOSPI 200 Index future market. In 2005, Nexen Tire was awarded a patent for the technology to manufacture rubber/stratified silicate nano-composite tires. By 2006, they had completed development on the new UHP and Winter LTR/SUV pattern. To accommodate increased demand, the company opened a manufacturing plant in Qingdao, China in 2007.

    Nexium tires

    Nexen Tires at Tire Rack, Nexen Tire › HOME Car Tires, Truck Tires, SUV Tires

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  6. Products 1 - 40 of 795. Shop for Nexen Tires in Auto & Tires. Buy products such as ROADIAN AT PRO RA8 275/60R20 115S Nexen Roadian AT Pro, Nexen.

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    If you mean Nexem tires that are made in Korea. View all of the Nexen Tire lineup. Car and Passenger Tires, SUV Tires, Truck Tires. Facebook. READ MORE. NEXEN TIRE Corporation 355, Chungryeolro, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea Tel +82-55-370-5114 Contact us via email.

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