Can plaquenil help with small fiber neuropathy

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    Can plaquenil help with small fiber neuropathy

    She said the muscles were a touch irritated as well. Diagnosed small fiber p neuropathy due to autoimmune issues and recommended I get a second opinion from a different rheumatologist and for treatment of the neuropathy.

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    A lot of people with small fiber neuropathy also have other autoimmune system issues. I have idiopathic small fiber neuropathy in both legs and feet. I also have polymyalgia rheumatica PMR in the shoulders, arms, and hands. The PMR was in remission for about six years until this past August. If your main symptoms are neuropathy related, then stick with something that is KNOWN to help immune mediated SFN, like IVIG. Plaquenil is primarily used to help with some of the symptoms of Sjogren's.reduce fatigue, and joint pain. It is also thought it help slow progression but not well documented for this. Some autonomic symptoms of small fiber neuropathy include. Dryness of mouth, dry eyes and dry mucus membranes. Postural hypotension or dropping of blood pressure with postural changes. Dizziness, particularly with change of position, Difficulty in temperature regulation, feeling too hot or too cold.

    I know this is true as it reversed itself last time, though it was not this bad. Thanks for the information, Tammy15 mg prednisone150 mg Imuran.5 mg clonazepam Hi Tammy, This is what Wikipedia says about treatment of Small Fiber Neuropathy: Treatment is based on the underlying cause, if any. Usually she said small fiber neuropathy is reversible, with good aggressive treatment.

    Can plaquenil help with small fiber neuropathy

    Peripheral Neuropathy and Sjogren's, Plaquenil causes and treats neuropathy? - NeuroTalk Support Groups

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  7. Small Fiber Neuropathy SFN, a type of peripheral neuropathy PN, is a fairly common chronic condition that can develop at any age, with the disease most prevalent in the elderly. While its prevalence is unknown, 1 an estimated 15 million to 20 million people in the U. S. over age 40 have some type of PN. 2 To date, there is no cure for SFN.

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    Symptoms of sensory small fiber neuropathy include numbness, hypersensitivity, and spontaneous painful or annoying sensations called paresthesias. The latter can present as tingling, burning, freezing, stinging, stabbing, itching, squeezing, tearing, buzzing, aching, or electric sensations that fluctuate in severity. The pannus hardens and can impinge and compress nerves. There is good news, though. In general, neuropathy caused by rheumatoid disease is mild. If you’re experiencing what feels like neuropathic pain in your feet or hands, talk to your rheumatologist. There are effective drugs available that can relieve the pain. And small-fiber neuropathy. Heterozygous mutations in TRPA1, which encodes the transient receptor potential cation channel, can cause familial episodic pain syndromes, and variants of genes coding for the voltage-gated sodium channels Nav1.8 SCN10A and Nav1.9 SCN11A lead to small-fiber neuropathy and congenital insensitivity to pain,

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